This blog is about examining the ideas, philosophies, and possible effects of different works of literature, both in the past and present, in a constructive, truth-seeking, yet casual way. Ideas and their effects are the implicit focus of this blog.

As for why I presume to speak on the subject, I have a M.A. in English Lit, and as part of my undergrad work I studied in Oxford (focusing almost exclusively on Shakespeare’s work). I have taught and tutored in English and ESL for years, and I currently teach writing at the university level.

However, I acquired most of my fundamental convictions outside (and often in spite) of my formal education.

That being said, this blog’s original intent was to be a Shakespeare study blog, and many of my early posts provided the origins of my current writing. Because I am an English tutor/teacher, much of the content will be geared toward providing informal yet thought-provoking and (hopefully) entertaining study tools.

This blog is not meant to be taken as peer-reviewed academic criticism, though I can offer some critical recommendations on certain works. I’ll offer the thoughts, tools, and perspectives that I found useful in my own education, as well as those I’ve used in my classroom. I have not had formal academic study in philosophy (other than my own reading), and I do not pretend to be an expert on all the topics I mention.

I will most likely incorporate many books I’ve read and arguments from the essays I have written. It is your responsibility to correctly cite me if my ideas affect your essays, and only then after prior permission and with full knowledge that I am not a professional critic on the subject. Do not plagiarize me or anyone I cite–if I mention someone, please do your due diligence and read the source, itself. However, if you want to gain some perspective on literary topics, I’d love for my posts to help.

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